Both the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder have self-service laundry rooms available to guests.

Each laundry room contains 6 front-load HE washing machines, 6 dryers, and a vending machine dispensing Tide, Clorox Bleach for Colors, and Downey - all of which are operated using the guest's key to the world card. Each washer load and dryer load is $2 ($4 total to wash and dry). Laundry products are $1 each.

There is also an iron, ironing board, and folding table available in each laundry room.

The laundry rooms are located as follows:

  • Deck 2 - across from stateroom 2096
  • Deck 6 - across from stateroom 6588
  • Deck 7 - across from stateroom 7590