The Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah is a type of stateroom on board the Disney ships. There are several different categories (price levels) of Deluxe Family staterooms. The categories are laid out identically on each ship, but differ by their location (forward, midship, aft) and the type of veranda wall (solid or plexiglass). Each of these staterooms can accomodate 5 people.

Categories - Disney Magic & Disney WonderEdit

  • Category 4A - Deck 8, midship - plexiglass veranda railing - staterooms 8024-8070 and 8524-8570
  • Category 4B - Deck 8, forward and aft - plexiglass veranda railing - staterooms 8000-8020, 8072-8088, 8500-8520, and 8572-8592
  • Category 4E - Deck 8, aft - solid (metal) veranda railing - 8090-8094 and 8594-8598

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